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Items to Store in Your Portable Baby Caddy Basket

Getting the essential things you need for taking care of your baby organized can be a bit challenging.  However, a portable baby caddy basket can help make your childcare chores more manageable. This product is especially useful when you are outside your home. It makes it easy to handle childcare chores without hassle while you are out shopping or having a family outdoor picnic.

There are many options in the market, making the procedure for selecting the best portable baby caddy basket a bit overwhelming. However, you can simply choose compact models that have different compartments for storing the kinds of stuff you use for your baby.

It’s not just enough to purchase an excellent portable baby caddy basket, you must store the right things inside to help you get organized. Let’s take an overview of the essential things you should keep in your portable baby caddy basket.

Things to Store in Your Portable Baby Caddy Basket

Below is the list of seven essential things you should keep in your portable baby caddy basket.


Children need to change diapers several times a day. That is why diapers are one of the most important things you should keep in your baby’s caddy basket. The number of diapers should you need per day would vary with the age of your child. A baby below one month would need more diapers compared to an older child.

Diaper Rash Cream

Since you will be changing your baby’s diaper several times a day, it would be smart to have a diaper rash cream handy. Although younger babies are more prone to diaper rash, you should continue using the diaper rash cream as long as the child still uses diapers.

Changing Pad

The changing pad comes in handy when you need to change your child’s diaper of clothes. It creates a hygienic and comfy layer to place your baby while you take care of the necessary change of attire. You should have several spares and wash them after use.


Wipes are essential for handling the hygiene needs of your child. Fortunately, wipes are quite portable, so make sure you always have one inside your portable baby caddy basket.

A Change of Clothing.

You can’t predict when your child’s cloth will get messed up. So, it is always safe to have one or two changes of clothing in your baby’s portable baby caddy basket.  In case your child’s attire got smeared with food or soaked with water, you can easily change to another one.


Depending on the age of your child, you should have a pacifier or toy inside your portable baby caddy basket. Children hate boredom. The toys will keep your child engage while you are busy with other chores.

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How to Select an Excellent Baby Shower Gift Basket

Were you invited to a baby shower, and you were wondering about the gift to buy? Well, you are not alone; many people are often confused regarding the perfect give for such an event. A baby shower event brings families and friends together to express their joy and best wishes at the pregnancy of a loved one.  So, that streamlines the option for you, the gift should be something pleasant for a baby or a nursing mother.

First thing first, you need to get a baby shower gift basket. This is where you will place all the gifts you will buy for your pregnant loved one and the baby she is expecting. So, for a start, let’s discuss how to select an excellent baby shower gift basket.

The gift you can place in the baby shower gift basket range from items like changing pads to sleeping gowns, undergarments, or blankets. But you don’t have to pass through the hassles of buying these kinds of stuff, packing and arranging them. Vendors of baby shower gift basket have already done the hard work for you. All you need is to pick the baby shower gift basket you want and address it to your loved ones with your message.

It will delight you to know that baby shower gift basket comes in various themes. For instance, some baskets are filled with vital things that a baby needs for bathing such as washcloths, comb, towels, set of toothbrushes, soaps, and the likes. So you have many options out of the box when shopping for a baby shower gift basket for a friend or family member.

You also have the option of purchasing a gender-themed baby shower gift basket. For instance, girl-themed baskets are usually pink and contain items suitable for a baby girl. On the other hand, the boy-themed basket would include items for a baby boy. You must be delighted with the convenience that comes with purchasing a prepackaged baby shower gift basket. But the deal gets even better because you can buy these baby shower gift baskets online, right from the convenience of your home.

Purchasing a baby shower gift basket online is an excellent choice if you do not have the time for shopping. The picture of the packaged basket and its contents are displayed online, so you’ll know the exact things within the package. Most of these vendors also include a card for writing a personal message to the recipient.  You can type this message online, and the vendor would print the content and attach it to the baby shower gift basket.

The prices of baby shower gift basket vary significantly, depending on the type of content in the package. So, you can always select the one you can afford. Now,  you know a convenient way of buying a baby shower gift basket. Nothing stops you from attending a baby shower party and presenting a delightful gift to your loved one.

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Why Choose an Organic Baby Towel?

One of the fabrics that your child uses every day is the towel. Given the fact that the skin of most babies is sensitive to synthetic materials, we recommend an organic baby towel for your young child.

You must be wondering, “What are organic towels? And why are thy preferable to other kinds of towels in the market?”

Let’s start by defining an organic baby towel.

What is an Organic Baby Towel?
The towel that is made from organic materials is called an organic baby towel. Chemicals or other synthetic materials must not be used all through the production of an organic baby towel. Typical examples are the towels made from cotton, bamboo, or flannel. In essence, manufacturers of organic baby towels monitor every phase of the supply chain to enforce the use of natural products.

What are the benefits of an organic baby towel?
The benefits of using an organic baby towel for your child are many. Here are are few of them.

Soft and Superior Quality: High-quality materials are used for manufacturing organic baby towels. That is why such towels are soft and gentle on the skin of your baby. They have a high absorbent rate, so you don’t need to waste time drying up your baby after a bath. Better still, you can buy an organic baby towel with hood, your child would love it.

High Durability: The quality of an organic baby towel is higher than that of conventional towels. For instance, organic baby towels do not snag easily and take a longer time to breakdown compared to regular towels. So, you should expect your organic baby towel to last longer, which means you’re getting more value for money.

Do Not Irritate The Skin: Perhaps, one of the best features of an organic baby towel is that it contains no chemical. Therefore, it does not irritate a child’s skin or poses other risks to your baby. Such towels are gentle on the skin of your baby. Your child would feel comfortable wraped inside an organic baby towel with hood.

Protects the Earth: Every organic baby towel is made from natural products right from the farm. That means no fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides were used throughout the production process. These are chemicals that pollute water systems, kills plant and animal life, and destabilizes the ecosystem. So, patronizing such products means encouraging environmental sustainability.

Now that you know the benefits of using an organic baby towel, you may be wondering about the available options. You can choose a conventional organic baby towel or an organic baby towel with a hood, its all a matter of choice. Whichever one you select, you will be pampering your baby with the best type of towel in the market.