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Items to Store in Your Portable Baby Caddy Basket

Getting the essential things you need for taking care of your baby organized can be a bit challenging.  However, a portable baby caddy basket can help make your childcare chores more manageable. This product is especially useful when you are outside your home. It makes it easy to handle childcare chores without hassle while you are out shopping or having a family outdoor picnic.

There are many options in the market, making the procedure for selecting the best portable baby caddy basket a bit overwhelming. However, you can simply choose compact models that have different compartments for storing the kinds of stuff you use for your baby.

It’s not just enough to purchase an excellent portable baby caddy basket, you must store the right things inside to help you get organized. Let’s take an overview of the essential things you should keep in your portable baby caddy basket.

Things to Store in Your Portable Baby Caddy Basket

Below is the list of seven essential things you should keep in your portable baby caddy basket.


Children need to change diapers several times a day. That is why diapers are one of the most important things you should keep in your baby’s caddy basket. The number of diapers should you need per day would vary with the age of your child. A baby below one month would need more diapers compared to an older child.

Diaper Rash Cream

Since you will be changing your baby’s diaper several times a day, it would be smart to have a diaper rash cream handy. Although younger babies are more prone to diaper rash, you should continue using the diaper rash cream as long as the child still uses diapers.

Changing Pad

The changing pad comes in handy when you need to change your child’s diaper of clothes. It creates a hygienic and comfy layer to place your baby while you take care of the necessary change of attire. You should have several spares and wash them after use.


Wipes are essential for handling the hygiene needs of your child. Fortunately, wipes are quite portable, so make sure you always have one inside your portable baby caddy basket.

A Change of Clothing.

You can’t predict when your child’s cloth will get messed up. So, it is always safe to have one or two changes of clothing in your baby’s portable baby caddy basket.  In case your child’s attire got smeared with food or soaked with water, you can easily change to another one.


Depending on the age of your child, you should have a pacifier or toy inside your portable baby caddy basket. Children hate boredom. The toys will keep your child engage while you are busy with other chores.