Large Multipurpose Baby Diaper Caddy Basket Organizer with Adjustable Shoulder Straps Leather Handles and Fabric Dividers

  • Adjustable Dividers for Maximum Space – Kids take a lot of work and a lot of materials! Our diaper bag’s large storage space can handle it all! With 8 external pockets and a large storage space, you’ll be ready for anything! Our dividers are adjustable to meet your needs. Change up the size to add clothes, diapers (newborn to toddler sized), bottles, a favorite toy, whatever you’ll need for an outing with your baby!
  • Leather Handled Tote or a Cross-Body Bag – Use your bag’s stylish leather handles and carry it as a tote, make it a crossbody bag using its adjustable strap, or sling it over your shoulder and rest it on a hip. The duo of options make it easy to carry. No need to worry about a cumbersome bag in addition to your child!
  • Perfect for Girls and Boys – Our bag’s unisex design makes it perfect for girls’ or boys’ belongings! If you have twins, use it for both! Skip the extra gender-specific purchase, our diaper bag is perfect for any child’s on the go gear!
  • A Stylish Maternity Gift – New moms are going to need a lot of supplies! Lots of people give big stacks of diapers or clothing, but a special bag to put everything in is a unique and thoughtful choice. Our bag is cute and stylish with fancy leather handles – a designer-looking gift she’s sure to love!
  • Easy to Take on the Go – Our bag is ultra light-weight and its adjustable strap makes it easy to attach to a stroller, take along while traveling as a weekender bag, or just throw in the car for a day of errand running. Men and women alike will love our signature bags and feel like a parenting boss while using it!
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Our Large Multipurpose Diaper Bag is the answer to any parent’s storage needs for their baby’s belongings!

Some notable features include:

  • Large Storage Bin Area (15”x 10.5” x 7”)
  • Adjustable Cross-Body Strap
  • Leather Handles
  • Adjustable Dividers to Maximize Space
  • 8 External Pockets
  • Lightweight and Ultra-Portable
  • Fits Diaper Sizes from Newborn to Toddlers
  • Trendy, Stylish Design
  • Suitable for Girls’ or Boys’ Belongings

Our stylish diaper bag is the perfect maternity gift for a new mom! Most baby showers have a diaper cake or set of bottles, but a fancy bag to put it all in is a unique and thoughtful present!

It’s trendy design is suitable for any child’s belongings, girls’, boys’, or both at once! And the adjustable dividers allow you to tailor the storage space to your needs. Whether you need to carry extra sets of clothes, diapers, bottles, or favorite toys, this bag can be adjusted to suit your needs!

Take your new diaper bag on the go! Whether you’re going on an extended vacation, taking a walk, or running an errand with your little one, our ultra lightweight bag is easy to attach to a stroller or simply sling over your shoulder! Its large storage space and 8 external pockets makes it an ideal weekender bag for travel. Travel is enough of a hassle already, make packing your baby’s belongings one less thing to worry about!

Make sure your baby and you have everything you need on your next outing, add our diaper bag to your cart today!



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