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The 5 vital things you need in your baby bath basket

Bathing time is essential for every mother and her child. It’s not just about maintaining a child’s personal hygiene, bathing also has a soothing effect and helps your child to relax. Besides, it is an intimate time for the mother and child, those short minutes in the tub could be fun every day.

However, there are some items you need to get handy before you undress your baby in the bathtub. It is advisable to have these things ready in your baby’s bath basket before proceeding to the tub. Of course, it would be careless to leave a baby alone in the bathtub to fetch various items from the shelve. You would also want to avoid the risk of carrying a wet child that may accidentally slip from your hands.

Below are the five essential items you must have in your baby’s bath basket.

Baby Shampoo/Bathing Shampoo

You have the option of choosing between a baby soap or baby shampoo for bathing your child. While most baby soaps are mild on the infant skin, they are not so gentle with the eyes. That is where the baby shampoo is beneficial, it won’t sting if it gets in contact with the eyes mistakenly. Your baby soap or shampoo is arguably the most essential component in your baby bath basket.

Wash Cloth

Another important item in your baby’s bath basket if the washcloth.  Chose the one that has a soft texture that will not irritate the sensitive skin if your baby. Make sure the bath cloth is not made with decolorizers or formaldehyde. These substances can cause significant health risks, especially in children. You may buy packs of different sizes so you can change the wash clothes as your child grows.


Childcare experts recommend warm water for bathing your child. Excessive high temperatures can scald a child’s skin, while cold water can cause flu. That is why you need a thermometer in your baby bath basket. Make sure the water temperature is between 37-38 degrees Celcius (98.6-100.4 degrees Fahrenheit). Although you can also use your elbow to check the temperature, a thermometer will be more accurate.

Moreover, many baby bath thermometers also double as bath toys, which keeps your baby engaged while bathing. So, keep them handy in your baby bath basket.

Baby’s Medicament

Is your baby on medications such as antibiotics, teething syrup, or cough syrup? It would be smart to add these medicines in a section of your baby bath basket. For one, it allows you to always remember to give your child the required medication, and also promotes hygiene. So, you won’t have to mess up a bib or the baby’s clothing when your child drips or drools while taking a medication. You can clean any sticky mess easily when you give a child’s medication in the bathtub.

Bath Towel

An Adult towel is much bigger than what your child needs, and it not hygienic to share a towel with your child. So, it is better to buy a baby towel for your child. Some good baby towels are made from regular cotton or flannel, but the best ones use exotic fabrics like bamboo. Make sure you choose a durable towel with tightly knit fabric that will not snag after washing. The sheet should also have high absorbency. A towel with a hood is an excellent option, it helps keep your child extra warm after a bath.

Other Optional Items  

Other items you may consider are clean diapers, diaper ointment, baby comb, and baby clothes. However, the usefulness of these items depends on your choice to dress your child immediately after a bath.


Having these things handy in your baby bath basket helps you get organized.  You will be more relaxed to play with your child and have a delightful experience every day while bathing your child.