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Why Choose an Organic Baby Towel?

One of the fabrics that your child uses every day is the towel. Given the fact that the skin of most babies is sensitive to synthetic materials, we recommend an organic baby towel for your young child.

You must be wondering, “What are organic towels? And why are thy preferable to other kinds of towels in the market?”

Let’s start by defining an organic baby towel.

What is an Organic Baby Towel?
The towel that is made from organic materials is called an organic baby towel. Chemicals or other synthetic materials must not be used all through the production of an organic baby towel. Typical examples are the towels made from cotton, bamboo, or flannel. In essence, manufacturers of organic baby towels monitor every phase of the supply chain to enforce the use of natural products.

What are the benefits of an organic baby towel?
The benefits of using an organic baby towel for your child are many. Here are are few of them.

Soft and Superior Quality: High-quality materials are used for manufacturing organic baby towels. That is why such towels are soft and gentle on the skin of your baby. They have a high absorbent rate, so you don’t need to waste time drying up your baby after a bath. Better still, you can buy an organic baby towel with hood, your child would love it.

High Durability: The quality of an organic baby towel is higher than that of conventional towels. For instance, organic baby towels do not snag easily and take a longer time to breakdown compared to regular towels. So, you should expect your organic baby towel to last longer, which means you’re getting more value for money.

Do Not Irritate The Skin: Perhaps, one of the best features of an organic baby towel is that it contains no chemical. Therefore, it does not irritate a child’s skin or poses other risks to your baby. Such towels are gentle on the skin of your baby. Your child would feel comfortable wraped inside an organic baby towel with hood.

Protects the Earth: Every organic baby towel is made from natural products right from the farm. That means no fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides were used throughout the production process. These are chemicals that pollute water systems, kills plant and animal life, and destabilizes the ecosystem. So, patronizing such products means encouraging environmental sustainability.

Now that you know the benefits of using an organic baby towel, you may be wondering about the available options. You can choose a conventional organic baby towel or an organic baby towel with a hood, its all a matter of choice. Whichever one you select, you will be pampering your baby with the best type of towel in the market.

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Causes of Diaper Rash and home treatments.

Diaper rash is one of the most common skin disorders that babies face. Parents should be extra careful during diaper rash and need to take some steps to avoid diaper rash. However, your little baby can face diaper rash. So, we can learn how to spot and treat diaper rash and how to prevent diaper rash. Your little baby will get relief and her little bottom will thank you.

Symptoms of Diaper rash:
Diaper rash which is also known as Diaper dermatitis, attacks mostly on babies between 9 to 12 months of age, however it may begin first two months of life. The symptoms may vary baby to baby and by the types of rash. But following symptoms are common when a baby faces diaper rash.

Contact diaper rash: This type of rash is usually red and bright to watch. First it attacks on buttocks and can extend to waist area, thighs, and stomach.

Candida diaper rash: It usually starts it’s influence in the folds of thighs and elbows or the diaper area. It also could spread more. This type of rash is deep or shiny red. Sometimes, it is associated with thrush.

Seborrhea diaper rash: Unlike Candid diaper rash, it also affects creases or folding area of skin. This rash is usually light pink in color. It may spread to neck, face or scalp of a child.

What causes Diaper rash?

* Wet Diaper:A baby having a wet or soiled diaper for a long while is more likely to develop diaper rash. Because diapers leave moisture on your child’s skin even if you use the most absorbent diaper. And when this moisture comes with a contact with wee or poo it weakens and softens the outer layer of baby’s skin.

*Diarrhea: If your child suffers from Diarrhoea it is usual that she is going to face Diaper rash. Because when your child is facing a Diarrhoea there is some essences in poo, called enzymes are responsible to irritate your baby’s skin is more active in runny poo than a normal healthy poo.

*Antibiotics courses: If you are giving antibiotics to your child, she is more likely face diaper rash. Because, sometimes diaper rash started to influence caused by fungal infection called ‘thrush’.

*Allergies: It is one of the most important fact now a days that causes Diaper rash. Every child is not equal prone to develop Diaper rash. Some babies are allergy sensitive and they should be treated with more care. Diaper rash can be the result of allergic reaction to a product that has touched the bottom part of the child’s skin. Sometimes a perfumed diaper or wipe can cause an allergic reaction with the soft skin of children.

When to consult with a doctor?
If the rash is spreading or getting worsen, or your baby feels discomfort, consult with your health advisor. He may suggest for a cream or lotion that can soothe the rash.

However, diaper rash is a common skin disorder but still parents should be careful about ensuring the comfort of little babies. Using organic bamboo wash cloths and towels can ensure that their sensitive skin is not exposed to any potential irritants such as dyes and pesticides after bath time.

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Choosing Best Baby Soaps, Shampoos, and Towels

Baby’s skin is more sensitive than your skin. It’s thinner, softer, and more likely to react to chemicals, soaps, shampoos, and harsh cloth. There are many options in the world for baby bathing products, but not all of them are good for the baby. Here is a short list of some of the best products for the little one (and they’re not bad for you either).

Baby Towel
Choosing an organic baby towel is important. Baby doesn’t need those chemicals near her skin.
Sayhamora Organic Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel
the only towel we can recommend with a clear conscience is our own. It’s 100% organic, super soft, and twice as thick as other children’s towels. We designed it to be warm, comfy, and to last for years.

Best Baby Soaps
Our top two picks for baby soaps are chosen because they are natural and gentle.
Weleda Calendula Soap
Made with only organic ingredients and essential oils, this is a soap that’s designed to treat baby’s skin with the love it needs. With calendula and chamomile extracts, it smells wonderful. It’s also a concern traded bar soap, so you will only need a tiny amount for each bath.
Himalaya Moisturizing Baby Bar
Made with almond and olive oil. This a great bar for babies of all ages. The vitamin E helps keep skin fresh and healthy. It’s dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic, with no artificial colors, parable, or animal fats.

Baby Shampoos

Babies have very little hair and what they have is extremely fine. Their shampoo needs to be gentle on their scalp and their hair.
Natures Baby Organics Shampoo
With natural scents of vanilla and tangerine, the little one will smell like a yummy treat. Designed for sensitive skin, this is a great shampoo for babies that react to other brands. The shampoo suds up well and can even help with eczema.
Babyganics Shampoo and Body wash
Thick foam comes out to the pump of this organic, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free. It’s perfect for baby’s sensitive skin and scalp.  This is a great product for removing oils from the scalp of babies that tend to have greasy hair.

Baby Lotion
Baby’s skin can always use a lotion. Their skin needs to be nourished to be at its healthiest. There are many lotions on the market, but too many of them have colors, artificial fragrances, and more.
Honest Organic All-Purpose Balm
Made without petroleum jelly, paraben, synthetic fragrance, or dyes, this is a pure and natural skin lotion. Using ingredients like sunflower, olive, and coconut oils, all organic, Honest keeps baby’s skin supple and comfortable.
Kiehl’s’ Mom & Baby Moisturizing Cream
Made with shea butter, vitamin E, apricot kernel oil and olive fruit oil, this is a cream that’s strong enough from mom’s skin, but gentle and pure enough for a baby. It’s fragrance-free and paraben and silicone free, so there’s no chance of a reaction.