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Causes of Diaper Rash and home treatments.

Diaper rash is one of the most common skin disorders that babies face. Parents should be extra careful during diaper rash and need to take some steps to avoid diaper rash. However, your little baby can face diaper rash. So, we can learn how to spot and treat diaper rash and how to prevent diaper rash. Your little baby will get relief and her little bottom will thank you.

Symptoms of Diaper rash:
Diaper rash which is also known as Diaper dermatitis, attacks mostly on babies between 9 to 12 months of age, however it may begin first two months of life. The symptoms may vary baby to baby and by the types of rash. But following symptoms are common when a baby faces diaper rash.

Contact diaper rash: This type of rash is usually red and bright to watch. First it attacks on buttocks and can extend to waist area, thighs, and stomach.

Candida diaper rash: It usually starts it’s influence in the folds of thighs and elbows or the diaper area. It also could spread more. This type of rash is deep or shiny red. Sometimes, it is associated with thrush.

Seborrhea diaper rash: Unlike Candid diaper rash, it also affects creases or folding area of skin. This rash is usually light pink in color. It may spread to neck, face or scalp of a child.

What causes Diaper rash?

* Wet Diaper:A baby having a wet or soiled diaper for a long while is more likely to develop diaper rash. Because diapers leave moisture on your child’s skin even if you use the most absorbent diaper. And when this moisture comes with a contact with wee or poo it weakens and softens the outer layer of baby’s skin.

*Diarrhea: If your child suffers from Diarrhoea it is usual that she is going to face Diaper rash. Because when your child is facing a Diarrhoea there is some essences in poo, called enzymes are responsible to irritate your baby’s skin is more active in runny poo than a normal healthy poo.

*Antibiotics courses: If you are giving antibiotics to your child, she is more likely face diaper rash. Because, sometimes diaper rash started to influence caused by fungal infection called ‘thrush’.

*Allergies: It is one of the most important fact now a days that causes Diaper rash. Every child is not equal prone to develop Diaper rash. Some babies are allergy sensitive and they should be treated with more care. Diaper rash can be the result of allergic reaction to a product that has touched the bottom part of the child’s skin. Sometimes a perfumed diaper or wipe can cause an allergic reaction with the soft skin of children.

When to consult with a doctor?
If the rash is spreading or getting worsen, or your baby feels discomfort, consult with your health advisor. He may suggest for a cream or lotion that can soothe the rash.

However, diaper rash is a common skin disorder but still parents should be careful about ensuring the comfort of little babies. Using organic bamboo wash cloths and towels can ensure that their sensitive skin is not exposed to any potential irritants such as dyes and pesticides after bath time.