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7 Ways to Successfully Soothe Baby Eczema

It’s both a challenging and daunting task to take care of a baby. Especially when your baby has Eczema. As new parents, you are always in the learning phase and adjust to your babies requirements with time. However, if you have an eczema baby, you do not have the luxury to learn from bad experiences as they can be extremely painful for both you and your baby. You can definitely make the journey easier by using these tried and tested tips that are backed by researches and years of experience in handling eczema babies and kids.

  1. Keeping cool

Staying cool is extremely important for your child to not have itchy, sweaty skin. Hot conditions can make your child’s skin irritable and aggravated. To avoid that, make sure your child’s room is air-conditioned and a humidifier is placed to avoid dry, flaky skin. Periodic baths are also important to keep your baby’s body temperature in check. For the initial few years, try to pay close attention to your baby’s activities. This way you can control them from scratching themselves and soothe them in other ways.

A well-established skincare regime

  1. Bathing

Many doctors are of the opinion that bathing your baby regularly can help regulate their skin irritability. You can prepare a mild bath for the baby as it helps retain moisture in the skin. You can consider diluted bleach baths for your baby if they have severe eczema. It is not half as harsh as it may sound. It is actually less abrasive than the swimming pool water and can help soothe your baby’s skin. Only one fourth cup bleach in a full bathtub is sufficient. Dry skin of babies can lead to a breathing space for bacteria and cause infections. Hence ensuring at least two baths per day is a healthy habit.

  1. Moisturizing

After a proper bath, your baby’s skin needs moisturization. A hypoallergic moisturizer would be perfect for your baby’s skin and you can consult the pediatrician for the right moisturizer or any cream that can be used to control the scratching. Dry skin can cause inflammation and trigger your baby’s eczema and the itch-scratch cycle. A cream based moisturizer or an ointment works better than lotions as lotions have a high percentage of water. Dry and wet wraps are considered useful by many parents and doctors alike. Hence, you can give those a try. For any medication, making sure that it is compatible with your baby’s skin is important. You can consult a specialist for guidelines regarding usage, directions to use, its potency, duration of applications, quantity, and the application method. Doctors often take a preliminary allergy test to understand the triggers that can be avoided by you.

You should also consider changing your moisturizer with seasons. Moisturizers that are petroleum-based can be used in winters whereas a light cream based moisturizer is ideal for summer or warm seasons.

  1. Reduce the scratching

For extremely young babies, you can help them keep busy with toys and mittens to control extreme scratching. You can also apply moisturizer and pat it for 10-15 minutes to soothe your baby whenever you notice them scratching themselves. However, this might not work for older kids as controlling them is not easy.

Cut your baby’s nails short so that they don’t harm themselves too much if indulging in scratching. File them regularly too to not have any poky edges. Apply the anti-itch ointment if prescribed whenever the itching is incessant. Make your kid wear loose and soft clothes that do not hug their body too much as it could lead to rashes and unwanted itching. Loose-fitted, soft layers of clothes in breathable material should be your priority when shopping for your baby.

  1. Towels and robes

After you bathe your baby, you can cover them in baby towels and bathrobes. A microfiber towel is the best option to dry up your baby quick. However, there are other products in the market entirely dedicated to eczema treatment. These options come in attractive alternatives and you might have confusion regarding the usability and the need for these products. Before making any purchase make sure you test its compatibility with your baby’s skin. Finalize your fabric before buying the product and check for your baby’s comfort around the product. It should not be abrasive and cause inflammation on your baby’s skin.

Soft materials like bamboo and cotton are a good option. These might be a bit more expensive than the normal products that are available for babies in the market but they are true to their purpose and will make your journey as an eczema baby-parent less hectic. These robes come in hypoallergenic bamboo which is a perfect variant to a normal bathrobe for your eczema baby. They have a cooling and soothing effect on your baby’s skin and cause no chaffing. Moreover, an organic product ensures no bad chemical influence on your baby.

One such product that is widely acclaimed is the Sayhamora bamboo baby hooded towel. This baby hooded towel comes with a washcloth set too. A higher GSM of around 500 ensures that this is the thickest baby towel present in the market. It can also absorb 60 percent more than normal baby towels that are made of cotton. It is perfect for the bath, pool, and beaches. It is also available for bigger kids and both boys and girls can use it. It also has quick drying properties and will be ready for use quickly after wash.

Other than the fact that it is organic, and made from natural fibers, it is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Bamboo naturally is hypoallergenic and ceases any microorganism growth while smelling absolute fresh and free from any chemicals. This is a great alternative for your baby and their sensitive skin suffering from conditions like eczema. Comes with ear design on the hood and it bigger than most of the towels available in the market with comparable price. It’s a unisex design and can be used for gifting purposes too.